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Consultation document Part L Building Regs 2012

The energy requirements for new and existing buildings are due to be amended again.

The consultation document includes proposals for tighter carbon dioxide emission standards for new homes and non-domestic buildings, to take the next step towards 'zero carbon' standards, plus tighter performance standards for works to existing buildings. The paper also contains proposals to introduce, on a phased basis requirements for additional energy efficiency improvements to be carried out when other specified works (eg extensions) are planned, and Green Deal finance is available as an option to meet the up-front costs.

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Would your home pass an Air Test?

If your home was constructed before the requirement to Air Pressure Test, how well do you think it would perform if tested now? If you want to find out then call us and book a test.

APTUK Regulaly operating throughout the midlands area for clients

Some clients worry about the arrival of the Air Testing Engineer. Alot of the stress can be removed before the completion and occupation of the building. Simple measures taken at the pre-plasterboarding stage can alleviate many of the problems experienced later.

Its not about spending more money its only about thinking early and planning accordingly. So call us today and keep any un-necessary headaches at bay.

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APTUK announce special air test offers

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APTUK meet the Deputy Prime Minister

In a recent visit to Northampton, the Deputy Prime Minister the Rt Hon Harriet Harmon met with APTUK to discuss business in the area and the effect of climate change.

APTUK stressed the importance of offering incentives to business to ensure the country stayed on track with reducing carbon emissions.

Harriet was most responsive and interested in the local issues effecting businesses in the area, whether the governments measures had any effect on the local economy and the effect of the reduction in vat.

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